Utilizing high quality and daylight balanced LEDs, Aurora LED panel ensures vivid and saturated color for true imaging. LED bulbs are placed in a constant distance throughout the back and light through diffusion panel resulting in highly efficient and yet homogenous lighting.
  • Dimmable from 100% to 50% through dimmer on the back or through wired remote controller.
  • 85% energy saving in comparison to conventional lights, it reduces your electricity bill and over 50,000 hours of life span reduces your cost for bulb replacement.
  • Emitting minimum heat and UV, Aurora LED panel protects your models from excessive heat and UV. No hazardous materials are used; eco friendly LED panel protects your model and environment from toxic gases.
  • Aurora LED panel is light weight and portable. It can be fixed onto the ceiling, wall, and floor with nuts and bolts provided or can be mounted onto a light stand using a tilting bracket available at one’s option.
[45011] aurora BLP63 60W 600x300mm
[45012] aurora BLP66 120W 600x600mm
[45013] aurora BLP69 180W 600x900mm
[45014] aurora BLP312 120W 300x1200mm
[45015] aurora BLP612 250W 600x1200mm
[45016] aurora BLP612-S 250W 600x1200mm
  1m 2m 3m
LUX (lx) 5,446 1,560 727
CCT (K) 5,109 5,097 5,091
Lighting sample
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