Sustainable Lighting Solution

Newly introduced AURORA LED lighting systems through extensive research and development program enable new era of photography, broadcasting and film industry. Aurora’s enabling technology combines advantages from not only next generation LED system but also traditional technologies. Aurora 1000 and Aurora 2000 series deliver soft light which describes vivid skin tone in well balanced 5600K of day light.

studio / stage
  • High Illumination Power

    Amazingly even soft light please users and their subjects. Front screen diffuses harsh light and throws soft and yet bright light. Instead of multi shades observed with other LED lights in the market, Aurora LED features a single shade for perfect light modify.

  • Dim Light Control

    Dim light adjustment ranging 0〜100% without causing color temperature change.
    • Built in dim light control
    • Remote control with attaching standard DMX

  • Less energy consumption

    Reduction of electricity by 85% to 15% compared with Halogen’s. Less energy consumption reduces not only running cost but also initial facility investment such as electrical distribution, dimmer rack and circuitry, etc.

  • Built-In Filter Slot

    Durable extruded aluminum case protects circuit boards and other parts inside from shocking securely. 4-way barndoors comes with and a slot for gel-frame insertion is equipped in front.

  • Power saving

    LED does not generate heat. Big power savings of air-conditioning in summer time.

  • Built-in Diffuser

    All Aurora LED lightings are covered by plastic covers for diffusing the light.

  • Eco Environment

    Very few discharge of CO2 :Anti Global warming
    Less UV than standard:Human body friendly
    No Hazardous materials common in fluorescent and mercury gas.

  • Safety Feature

    No glass shield is used and no hazardous and explosive gas emited, Aurora LED lights are safe to use. Care about environment? The first step would be to replace the high energy consuming conventional lights with LED lights.

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