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 Digital View Camera      
    • Subtle and sophisticate operation
• All four movements ( Swing, Tilt, Rise/Fall and Shift ) of a fully functional view camera
• Unmatched portability and usability in a compact design
• Weighs only 3kg and reduces in thickness 65mm after being completely folded
• Introducing the Horseman Axella, a new view camera with great mobility and functionality!
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An ideal view camera, designed for digital photography

Creative photo work pouring from stylish film

Horseman “Axella”, a digital view camera with a new take on the original Horseman view cameras design philosophy.

With all four movements (Swing, Tilt, Rise/Fall and Shift) corresponding exactly to the demands from professional photographers, Horseman Axella creates excellent functionality with subtle and sophisticate operability.

The ideal camera for digital shooting that professional photographers worldwide have coveted for a long time.

“Horseman Axella” offers new creativity to the world of the digital photography.